Monday, May 6, 2013

Whole30 recap and reintroduction

Well I finished my Whole30 last Friday!  It wasn't too hard, the hard part is now... what now??

In the book, It Starts with Food, once you are done with your Whole30, it is time to try and reintroduce some foods that were not on the plan.  The first thing to test out is dairy, while keeping the remainder of my intake Whole30 compliant.  I had some milk based frozen dessert Saturday night, Sunday I had feta cheese on my salad at lunch, and some frozen dessert again Sunday night. Sunday morning I had a really bad headache, it felt like a sinus headache and I woke up groggy.  Sunday night before bed I was really bloated and had a headache again this morning and just felt out of it most of the day today.  I was really surprised.  I've had plenty of dairy before, never an insane amount, I was just surprised I had that kind of reaction to reintroducing some dairy, I never thought it was a food that would give me issues. I'm wondering how I would react to some Greek yogurt... I will probably try in a week or so to reintroduce dairy again in some other forms to see how that goes, just to make sure my headaches, etc were in fact from dairy and not some other factor.

This stuff tastes like Fudgesicles!

But today was a whole30 compliant day, this Thursday I will try to reintroduce gluten containing grains.  I'm anxious to see how that will go.  This is really a neat concept to test yourself out.  No better way to really dial in to listening to your body than doing some self experimentation.

After a couple weeks of trying some reintroduction of off plan foods and maintaining Whole30 the rest of the time, I wonder what I'll do next?!?  I really feel that considering how great I felt during the Whole30 that I will continue eating close to the plan and close to Paleo.  Perhaps trying some Paleo treats like Paleo pancakes, etc.  
I just ordered Primal Blueprint, so I may give that a go, I want to give Paleo/Primal eating longer than just 30 days to see some real results.  And check out the success stories featured on Mark's Daily Apple, great motivation!  I feel good so far, so why not keep going?

So how much weight did I lose on the Whole30?  I have no clue, I had full intentions on weighing Saturday morning, but I couldn't find my scale anywhere.  Turns out my husband took it to school for something, a sign perhaps, since my focus isn't on that scale anyway...

I'm looking to continue pursuing gains in my fitness performance.  I still need to seriously do some specific workout programming so I'm not wandering aimlessly about the gym and just running with no time or distance goal.  So be on the lookout for that soon!

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Dee said...

Hi Irene,

Congrats on finishing the whole30. My friends and I just finished a Paleo based diet plan ourselves. My friends lost anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds and I personally lost 22 pounds in our 30 day challenge. If you're interested, it's Paleo diet plan. I would love your feedback of this plan with your experience of the whole30.

I'm interested in your recovery post plan, so I'll keep an eye out.

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