Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October's Training Split

My training split this month: 

Monday-  Legs/Abs and a mini WOD
Tuesday-  Push day (chest/shoulders/tris)
Wednesday-  Pull day (back/deadlifts/biceps), mini WOD
Thursday-  Legs/Abs
Friday-  REST
Saturday-  Legs and possibly shoulders/abs... mini WOD
Sunday-  Chest/Back

Most days before I hit the weights I do 20 min of run/walk intervals to warm up.  Currently am running 2 min/walking 1 min, repeat 6x.  The intervals break it up for me, get my HR up for hitting the weights and have seem to help my legs/feet stay injury free.  My HR is recovering well during the 1 min rest so I'll probably extend my work rounds or minimize the rest periods.  But overall I am loving that I have been running with no pain! 

This month's mini WOD:
5 rounds* for time
100 count jump rope singles
20 KB swings
10 burpees

Each week I will add an additional round until I get to 10 rounds.  So this will carry into November....

I will go into more detail on what I do for each day, I am not following a particular program at the moment, typically I just write out my workouts the day before, putting emphasis on what I want to target that particular day. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015 now

After I failed that PT test, I knew I couldn't just slack off again, but knowing is just half the battle right? 

I don't even know where to start recapping at this point..... I had previously gotten a couple workout plans from which I had followed somewhat up to the PT test and gotten into tracking my macros with her book Flexible Dieting.  After the PT test I started and completed her program PowerShred, which is no longer available.  I had never completed a workout program so challenging and I loved the way it was laid out to help you track your lifts and this really propelled me to take on some challenging lifting, I had lifted plenty in the past but never consistently, sometimes I tracked it, other times I didn't, but if I was doing a weight loss contest or something I would be the cardio queen with a little bit of weights thrown in.  But I looooove weight training.  I love the feeling of being strong and seeing my muscles respond to training.

After finishing powershred, May 2014.

Then from late June to early November I deployed with my unit, when you are in a deployed environment, you're in a controlled bubble.  Now I know I was very fortunate to be in this environment, not all folks that deploy are so lucky!  Your schedule is pretty set, the gym is right there, the meals are made for you, you can absolutely kill it! And that I did, I followed another program from Krissy and then the last couple months I designed my own programming to suit my schedule and I saw great results from that.

deployed mode

Even after coming home, it was relatively easy for at least the first month to keep up the momentum since I had a lot of downtime and could spend a good chunk of time at the gym while the kiddos were in school.  But getting adjusted to going back to work was another story.... and the winter... ugh....

I started missing workouts here and there, didn't want to get up early because it was cold.  Didn't have a solid plan, and little by little, I started to unravel.  A coworker asked if I had been going to the gym, and I hadn't, they simply asked, why do you stop? and why do you keep stopping?   I didn't have any good answers.  I know I was tired, but so what, you keep putting in work and staying consistent, you don't throw the towel in...

So I got back with it, I didn't gain a bunch of weight back.  I just knew I had to be consistent, do what worked for me, and keep going.  March 2015 come around and it was PT test time again, I thankfully passed this year, I had a good run, my waist was just one inch from failing still, my waist is my struggle!  But I am overcoming that!!!

I have kept pretty consistent since the beginning of the year.  Running is going well, lifting is consistent, eating is consistent, cardio etc.  Consistency will always work in the long run, I haven't been perfect but I've been consistent.  I still have areas to improve on, but we all do, and I'm going to keep working on mine!  :-)  Looking forward to taking it to the next level!

Looking forward to more GAINZ!

Next post will be workouts as of late and plans for the future!

Monday, September 21, 2015

774 days....

It has been 774 days since I've posted anything on this blog. 

I don't even think I could begin to cover what all has happened in the past 2+ years.  I think I will do a series of several posts within the next few days to kind of bring it all to present day happenings...

As I was thinking of what to even say, these thoughts popped into my head, "I wish I could say... I kept up with the paleo, I continued my Whole30, or whatever else I have stated in my previous posts, or I didn't slack off during the winter months of 2013...." buuuut, yea, I can't say any of those.  But looking back I am not mad at myself or disappointed.  Those negative emotions won't take me anywhere positive.

I will start the look back with where I was January 2014.  It was winter, cold and per the norm of my old habits I had slacked off and was hiding behind the hoodies and extra pounds.... My annual physical that month had me weighing in at 208 pounds...  My highest adult non pregnant weight.  Most people that I would tell that to didn't even believe me, so I saved my print out from that doctor's visit and keep it posted on my cubicle wall at work. 

Being at 208 lbs was a walking prison for me, a self induced one.  I avoided social events, people, I was embarrassed that I had let myself go, AGAIN...  I knew what worked for me, or so I thought, but why, why, why could I not keep the momentum going anytime I would do a weight loss challenge, a whole 30, whatever.... I would be so rigid and "beast mode" during these challenges only to absolutely nosedive off the wagon when it was over.  I'll get into more of what finally clicked for me in a future post....

Jan 2014, 4 months from PT test, better workout!

But my PT test was coming up in April 2014.  So I figured as I usually did, about 3-4 months before hand, that I better get to working out and running so I could pass.  So far in my career I've manage to pass my PT test with my cyclical training 3-4 months before the test, then back to old destructive habits after I passed.  In 2013 I barely passed, had my waist measured .5" longer in circumference I would have failed.  Most would have thought being too close for comfort like that would have been enough to motivate me to sustain healthier habits year round.  But it didn't.  So here I was at 200+ pounds getting ready for my PT test, January of 2013 I think I was around 197 when I decided to get ready for my PT test that year. 

April 2014 rolled around and I managed to in those 4 months get my weight down to I think the 180s, which was great considering 4 months prior I was over 200 lbs.  I  about starved myself the week before the test not wanting to jeopardize anything or add any inches.  I was so hungry and dehydrated the morning of my test.  One of the first components you get tested on is your waist measurement, and I knew that would be my hardest challenge.  The tape went around my belly, 36.5", 37", 36.5", they measure you three times... Passing is anything 35.5" or below.  So here I was already defeated.... I had to complete the rest of my test still even though I was an automatic failure.  I finished my test, did well on the run, push ups and fair on the sit ups... Scored I believe a 72, 75 is passing...  I walked back up to my building to take a shower and go back to work and I just cried.... So much emotion.  Here I was someone known for loving to workout and I was a failure.  I didn't have any excuses and I didn't want anyone to justify my shortfall, it was my fault, but in retrospect it was a catalyst.  Because I knew that I did not want to experience that again...

Next post I'll go into how I shifted my training and eating habits after that PT test and what I learned from those experiences leading up to now....

Thursday, August 8, 2013


So summer is coming to a close, back to school time is just around the corner!!

I've been working out and getting back into the groove.  I'm using MyFitnessPal to track my calories.  Look me up there, my food journal is public, my username is lovethefitlife.  I'm actually doing another weight loss contest as motivation, hopefully my last one ever, if I would have actually kept the weight off from all my previous contests I wouldn't be in the boat I'm in now, sigh, oh well.  No sense in moping about it.

I found a fitness routine on that I am going to start next week, this week I've been working on getting consistent with my calorie counts and just getting back into the gym.  I've also been doing some more work on the mental/spritual side of things to just change my mindset and habits so I can stop subjecting myself to the vicious cycle of gaining and losing weight, being depressed about my appearance, etc... 

I'm going to try to keep the blog up, I'm pretty hit and miss... Well you can tell how well I am doing with eating well and exercising based on the frequency of my blog posts... Anytime there is a long period of non posting, my ass has fallen off the wagon!  

But here I am, the past behind me, and looking forward to things to come!!!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Whole30 recap and reintroduction

Well I finished my Whole30 last Friday!  It wasn't too hard, the hard part is now... what now??

In the book, It Starts with Food, once you are done with your Whole30, it is time to try and reintroduce some foods that were not on the plan.  The first thing to test out is dairy, while keeping the remainder of my intake Whole30 compliant.  I had some milk based frozen dessert Saturday night, Sunday I had feta cheese on my salad at lunch, and some frozen dessert again Sunday night. Sunday morning I had a really bad headache, it felt like a sinus headache and I woke up groggy.  Sunday night before bed I was really bloated and had a headache again this morning and just felt out of it most of the day today.  I was really surprised.  I've had plenty of dairy before, never an insane amount, I was just surprised I had that kind of reaction to reintroducing some dairy, I never thought it was a food that would give me issues. I'm wondering how I would react to some Greek yogurt... I will probably try in a week or so to reintroduce dairy again in some other forms to see how that goes, just to make sure my headaches, etc were in fact from dairy and not some other factor.

This stuff tastes like Fudgesicles!

But today was a whole30 compliant day, this Thursday I will try to reintroduce gluten containing grains.  I'm anxious to see how that will go.  This is really a neat concept to test yourself out.  No better way to really dial in to listening to your body than doing some self experimentation.

After a couple weeks of trying some reintroduction of off plan foods and maintaining Whole30 the rest of the time, I wonder what I'll do next?!?  I really feel that considering how great I felt during the Whole30 that I will continue eating close to the plan and close to Paleo.  Perhaps trying some Paleo treats like Paleo pancakes, etc.  
I just ordered Primal Blueprint, so I may give that a go, I want to give Paleo/Primal eating longer than just 30 days to see some real results.  And check out the success stories featured on Mark's Daily Apple, great motivation!  I feel good so far, so why not keep going?

So how much weight did I lose on the Whole30?  I have no clue, I had full intentions on weighing Saturday morning, but I couldn't find my scale anywhere.  Turns out my husband took it to school for something, a sign perhaps, since my focus isn't on that scale anyway...

I'm looking to continue pursuing gains in my fitness performance.  I still need to seriously do some specific workout programming so I'm not wandering aimlessly about the gym and just running with no time or distance goal.  So be on the lookout for that soon!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Home Alone

Ah, Friday night, I'm home alone, the kiddos/hubs are out of town for a soccer tourney, and I get to stay at home coz I've got guard drill this weekend, yay!!

So what in the heck do I do with myself?!?!  Well I'm about to take my tired self to bed, but I've been getting caught up on laundry (it never ends!!!) and doing some meal prep cooking done since I won't have much time to do so this weekend...

I oven roasted tomatoes, broccoli, and onions.  I've got some boneless skinless chicken thighs marinating in the fridge and a boston butt roast ready for the crock pot in the morning!  This is the kind of stuff I do in my free time, I love it in the kitchen!!!

oven roasted roma tomatoes

Oven roasted broccoli

oven roasted red onions

Today is day 30 of my Whole 30 challenge, it went by quickly!  I will try to get a more in depth post about it up over the weekend... 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whole 30 update

I figured I would post an update on how Whole30 is plugging along!

I'm on day 27 of the Whole30.  I feel absolutely wonderful!!!!

I am sleeping soundly, waking up not groggy at all and I just feel great!  My workouts are showing improvement, I can tell I've lost weight and I am just thrilled with how I'm feeling!

I am contemplating continuing, perhaps a whole45 or whole60, I don't really miss what I can't have; dairy, added sugar, beans, grains, etc.  So why add it back now?

Meal planning has been key for me.  Makes everything so much easier.  Each meal is so simple, animal protein, veggies, and healthy fat.  That is it!!!

For breakfast I'll have some berries and then some days I'll have an orange with my lunch.  But most days my fruit consumption is just one serving at breakfast.

I've been posting most of my meals on Instagram, lovethefitlife, but here are some pics of some recent eats...

Baked sweet potato topped with baked apples, walnuts, raisins and coconut flakes.

Fried eggs with ground beef and collards greens.

Some meal preppin'
Greens, cauliflower, Aidells chicken/apple sausage and baked sweet potato with coconut flakes.

Baked sweet potato, grilled chicken, sauerkraut, veggies and dip.

Steak salad with avocado.

Salmon and brussel sprouts.

Sweet potato, beef scramble with avocado.

My workouts are still kind of random.  I've been running more, working on building my mileage base up, my goal for May is to hit 15 miles per week.  Once I get a good base down and can run 3 miles comfortably, with no walk breaks, I am going to start incorperating some hills and speedwork.  

That's about all for now... nothing exciting today, I'm ready for some Zzz's.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Well of course by now everyone knows about what happened in Boston, what a tragedy.  I've never run a marathon before but as a runner I know Boston is a big deal and such a holiday for the town.  It just baffles my mind that tragedies like this keep occuring... I don't have anything profound to say or enlightening or anything really so I'll do what I know and keep the people affected by this in my thoughts and prayers...


Whole 30 is going great, 12 days down, its really really easy.  Especially that my meals are planned for the week, I plan in pencil now, because what I eat depends on what I have cooked.  This weekend I had guard drill and didn't get to do as much pre-cooking as I would like to do.  But I'll make due just fine... Essentially each meal is lots of veggies, animal protein and healthy fats.  For my pre workout I'll have a little protein and healthy fat, like a boiled egg and some macadamia nuts.  And for my post workout I will have exclusively protein. (following Whole 30 recommendations)  and it is something like a boiled egg or some grilled chicken.

Some meals as of late....

Salad w. ground beef, collards, romaine, olives, sweet peppers, and a fried egg.

Greens with zucchini and avocado, baked chicken and baked apples.

Salad with romaine, sardines, boiled eggs, onions, avocado, olives, tomatoes and capers.

Baked pork chop with kale, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, avocado.

Ground beef, eggs, avocado, tomatoes.  Green smoothie with blueberries and coconut flakes.

Asparagus with ground beef and olives.

And BLACK coffee in the mornings!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Working it ouuuuut....

Just a quickie update on how my workouts have been as of late...

Well, I'm not a member of CrossFit Allegiance anymore, solely due to financial reasons.  My husband and I had recently went thru Dave Ramsay's Financial Peace University class and this season of my life has been the first time as an adult that I've truly put my income/expenses down and budgeted.  It's amazing we've gone as long as we have being so stupid with our money, but I am soooo glad to have taken this class and be on the right path to financial freedom.  But anyhow, that could be another post altogether, but one of the things we did was cut out some of our extracurricular spending.  So CrossFit went, sigh, but I'll be back there one day!  Luckily my job gives me access to this gym for FREE, plus I get 3 hours/week to workout on the job, can't complain there!  There is also a 1/4 mile track around the gym and a 1/2 mile trail in the woods for off-roading.... job perks.

Got the gym all to mah-self!

So anyhow, my main goal after quitting CrossFit and then going into exercise depression and then gaining 30-ish lbs. too much weight is to get in shape to pass my PT test this Saturday during guard drill.  The PT test consist of 4 components that you earn points for; 1.5 mile run, waist measurement, max push ups and sit ups in one minute individually.  I am pretty confident that I will pass this weekend, it won't be my best assesment in the 9+ years I've been at this military gig, but I'm glad I got out of my slump and started getting ready for it.

Primarily I have been doing run/walk intervals, cardio on the elliptical, push-ups, sit-ups, and some weight training.  My running has improved a lot from taking such a huge break from it, I am looking forward to doing more with that this year.  I love using my Nike GPS to track my runs, it is such a great little gadget.  Here are some pics of my latest runs, some have been run/walks, but ain't nothing wrong with that!!!

Working on keeping my HR in the zone my entire workout.

After my PT assesment, I want to improve my running/cardiovascular endurance, not so much my distance but I would like to get faster and improve my heartrate.  And I am going to put a lot more focus on crosstraining, doing CrossFit style workouts and lifting heavier.  Once I plan out my workouts in more detail I will be posting them here.

Wish me luck on the PT assessment!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Whole 30, so far so good!

I've been 5 days now on the Whole30 program and it has been going pretty good!!!

I'm eating 3 meals a day, no snacking between meals, this has been hard to get used to, my meals are indeed keeping me satiated but I just need to get used to not mindlessly noshing.  So far I've been handling it well, I will focus something else, or have some hot tea.

One thing I miss is eating more fruit than I have been on Whole30.  I've been packing my kiddos lunches slicing pears, prepping grapes, etc and wanting to nosh, but I've been good.  Not that fruit is baaaad, but according to Whole 30 guidelines, fruit is an occasional addition, especially while you're still battling sugar cravings.  So 1-2 servings per day and no fruit for pre or post workout.  Eh... ok, I'll stick to the guidelines for these 30 days...  I have been having one serving of fruit per day in the form of a cup of frozen blueberries in a morning greeeeeen smoothie.  Additionally Robb Wolf, the paleo guru, also recommends no more than 1-2 servings of fruit per day until you reach your desired level of leanness.

I'm loving my meals, when you focus on what you can eat and not what you can't, there are some pretty stellar combos when following this plan.  I love the meal map and master recipes in the It Starts with Food book, its very easy to flex according to your tastes, they don't give a month's worth of recipes like some diet/eating programs, annotating exactly what meals/recipes you need to eat for each meal.  They just give you the basics so eat what you like and keep it varied, it's so so simple.

Some pics of meals/food...

Lunch, salad with roast beef, chicken, green olives, and hot sauce.  Roasted Asparagus...
The olives are Lindsay Naturals California Green Olives and they are sooooo flippin' yummm!

Homemade Cilantro Chili Lime Garlic pickles, sooo yummy and all whole30 approved ingredients.

Pickles, roast beef, and sweet potato buried in coconut flakes.

Breakfast-Eggs fried in Ghee, bacon, tomatoes, spinach and avocado.

Coconut, Cinnamon smothered sweet potato.  Salad with fried egg, sardines, capers, peppers and olive oil.

Fried egg, spinach, avocado and ham.

My morning green smoothie, spinach, blueberries, coconut butter/flakes, green tea.

Meal planning, makes it so simple!!

Tis' all for now, got my meals planned for the week, and my workouts as well.  My next post will be more about what I'm doing on the workout front.  


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